RKW ProVent<sup>®</sup> Flex
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RKW ProVent® Flex

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    RKW ProVent®

RKW ProVent® Flex

One size fits most

Flexible to the fullest: With its continuous print image and the flexible venting concept, the RKW ProVent® allows sacks of different lengths to be produced in one production run. At the same time, easy handling reduces operating time. Like the entire RKW ProVent® product family, the RKW ProVent® Flex offers excellent machine runability together with very high filling speeds.

Increase potential savings and boost sales volumes

When it comes to efficiency, the RKW ProVent® Flex leads the way in every respect. In addition to realizing potential cost savings, it provides an opportunity to boost sales volumes: Production peaks can be smoothed out by the significantly improved storage life—just one of the advantages of the entire RKW ProVent® product family.

In particular for seasonal goods, this helps to avoid expensive peak production costs and increases sales volumes at the same time.

  • High filling performance of up to 2,000 sacks per hour 
  • Significantly extended storage life
  • Up to 11 % less packaging damage during transport and handling
  • Sales and price advantages due to greater client acceptance 
  • 4-color printing and flexible cutting to length

Available Add-ons

1c Flexodruck

1c Flexodruck

Cost-effective printing optional in one color



Thinner films for lower packaging costs

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