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Functional, flexible, progressive

Around 10 years ago, RKW developed the RKW ProVent® plastic sack and set a completely new industry standard for the packaging of powdery and moisture-sensitive goods.

The RKW Group was the world‘s first film manufacturer to develop a genuine alternative to conventional paper sacks. The innovation: An integrated venting system ensures that no dust, dirt or moisture can penetrate from the outside, and the only thing to escape is what should escape: air.

What’s more, RKW ProVent® are much more environmentally friendly than paper sacks. The production of the RKW ProVent® consumes 14 % less energy than paper sacks. Just 20% of the typical amount of waste water and water pollution is produced. And because no composite materials are used, recycling is simple and inexpensive. In comparison to paper sacks, recycling a tonne of plastic takes up just 10 % of the otherwise required amount of energy.

With over 400 million samples sold, the RKW ProVent® family of products is today the top-selling solution for the packaging and marketing of powdery goods in the building materials, construction chemicals, chemical and food industries.

You too can benefit from our experts’ in-depth know-how. No other company has successfully supported more production ramp-ups in this field than RKW.


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RKW ProVent® Advanced

RKW ProVent® Advanced is the premium solution for the high demands of brand manufacturers. The new, fully integrated venting system has a seam-free front, which allows no-compromise print design. For an unmistakable and convincing brand presence at the point of sale!

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RKW ProVent® Classic

Provent® over more than 10 years, this popular classic features the well-known venting system. The RKW ProVent® Classic supports a high print quality and—like the entire product family—offers a high level of functional safety. All sacks are burst and tear proof and remain robust even when subjected to higher loads.

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RKW ProVent® Flex

Flexible to the fullest: With its continuous print image and the flexible venting concept, the RKW ProVent® allows sacks of different lengths to be produced in one production run. Like the entire RKW ProVent® product family, the RKW ProVent® Flex is easy to use and it offers excellent machine runability together with very high filling speeds.

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